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Personal Injury in Island County

We have extensive experience in settling and litigating all types of personal injuries, such as motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents, industrial accidents, dog bites, criminal assaults upon your person and accidents which happen in commercial stores, such as slips and falls.

We understand your need to be made whole under the circumstances where you have suffered serious physical injury and emotional injury. We will attempt to negotiate and obtain a reasonable maximum monetary recovery for the situation which you have endured. We will work with your health care providers to make sure that your medical bills are paid in a timely manner and do not end up going to collection.

We are aware of experts to whom we can refer you in the event you need vocational training and/or a determination of permanent disability. We work with many of the same insurance adjusters over and over again and understand how they handle the processing of their claims. We would estimate that we have handled at least 500 or 600 personal injury cases. We will do the best job we can for you with regard to your personal injury because our compensation is tied to your recovery, and therefore, we will attempt to completely maximize your recovery.

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