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Business and Contract Law in Island County

Our attorneys handle a full suite of contract and business law services including:


1. Contract review, drafting, and negotiation.
2. Business incorporation.
3. Corporate governance and formality issues.
4. Liability and risk-mitigation strategies.

5. Buy-sell agreements.
6. Business leases.
7. Other business legal needs.


Many of our business law clients have complex issues requiring a team of certified professionals to thoroughly address. We have longstanding and well-connected relationships with such professionals, whether they be CPAs, financial advisors, business actuaries, etc., and will ensure your precise business needs are met.

Are you looking to start a new business? Incorporate an existing one? Reduce your exposure to legal risks/liability? We routinely handle all these issues.

Finally, we are also experienced and very successful trial attorneys. Which gives you, a business law client, a unique advantage: If your business enters a legal dispute--or is summoned into one--you can be assured that the same attorney who drafted your agreements will defend you in court.

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