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Dissolution of Marriage in Island County

We know the difference between “people problems” and “business problems” and the great bulk of personal legal issues involve ending a marital relationship. We know that the breakup of a marriage is generally a highly charged and emotional time in our clients' lives, which can make perfectly rational people act in ways they normally would not.

That is why competent legal counsel is so vital: we assist our clients by navigating the necessary legal and jurisdictional framework to obtain the most effective result possible from an unfortunate situation. Nobody “wins” at the end of a dissolution of marriage, rather our job is to fight to make the outcome as favorable to your position as possible.

We understand the pain involved with child custody and visitation issues and will provide the strongest legal services possible in this area within the limitations allowed by law. We will work to make sure that any child support and/or spousal maintenance that you either pay or receive is fair, appropriate, and proportional under the circumstances. We understand that people in the midst of a marital dissolution are often anxious, stressed out, and upset – we are here to help you through it.

Another aspect of the dissolution of marriage is parental custody. Child custody can become quite contentious when two parents decide that they will no longer parent together, for whatever reason. Courts typically want parents to make custody decisions outside of court, working together to create a parenting plan, sometimes with a mediator. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for parents to agree. That's where our expertise can really help you achieve the custody plan to best suit you and your child.

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