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Estate Planning in Island County

Our firm is capable of handling all aspects of estate planning from the preparation of simple Wills and Trusts to the most complex estate planning documents. We are capable of discussing estate tax and inheritance tax strategies with you to lower the death taxes paid by your estate upon your death.

We can discuss with you gifting options prior to death and the consequences of such gifts. We can prepare all of the ancillary documents that form a comprehensive estate plan, such as a Washington Community Property Agreement, general and special Powers of Attorney, and Directives to Physicians.

We have extensive experience in handling after-death procedures, such as probate of estates and distributions from trusts. Our attorneys know how to assist you as you sell the assets of the estate, such as real estate and securities, how to handle estate creditors, and how to deal with any estate litigation, such as disputes over Will interpretation, reasonable fees to the Personal Representative, the proper division of assets, etc.

Not all estates must be probated in order to effectuate transfer of the property of the deceased to the living. We are familiar with the other legal options that may better serve your particular circumstances.

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