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Attorneys in Island County, Washington

Looking for a Lawyer in Oak Harbor, Washington?
Here's why you want us to represent you:

  • The attorneys in our firm are experienced, capable, and when necessary, aggressive. This law firm has had a presence in this community for more than 40 years. We are AV rated (very high to pre-eminent, highest ranking) by Martindale-Hubbell, which has been evaluating lawyers since 1868.

  • The firm deals continually with the same judges in this area and we are familiar with how our judges think and how they make their decisions.

  • We have a good relationship with all the other attorneys in this area which makes it easier for us to attempt to settle your problem rather than having to complete an expensive litigation process. Attorneys that do not like each other do not settle cases.

  • We understand your need to have your problem addressed and resolved in as efficient and expeditious a manner as possible, and are committed to that level of quality regarding our legal services. We are customer-service oriented and will keep you informed on the status of your case the entire time we represent you.

  • Every client's needs are different. We treat you as an individual rather than just another consumer.

  • Our fees are competitive with the fees charges by other attorneys in this area. Our fees take into account the differences present between hiring a competent, experienced attorney versus simply a mediocre one.

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